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sista dee & the acoustic freeups

by acoustic freeups

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released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Madiba
Madiba Tete Mandela
Give thanks & praises, for his time on this higher earth !
Madiba , Gave his time.
(he was a rebel)
Madiba, Peace in our time.
Now im not saying that they didn’t have a trouble in a South Africa eh eh emmm
(Them a bang shot )
Madiba. Had his time yeh .
Talked a while, (a bill of peace)
(back at them )
Me know he had some trouble before.
You have to see how he got on then.
He did the time & then a read up & then,
Got an education, of all that time, time, time, time !
All the time, Nothing change outside.
All the time. They know him inside.
Peace in our time. Forgiveness time.
Time to go forward. I know it not easy.
Opportunity as well.
Because of Madiba Mandela.
Who inspire. I know yes he wasn’t for hire. Higher , higher !
(forgiveness time) Madiba. Ga rest now ! (Don’t waste ! Don’t waste ! Don’t waste now ! Don’t waste.)
Eh eh (Peace) Mmmmm.
Track Name: Best Diamond
(Intro Liam)
Its all about the diamonds, y‘all.
These best diamonds, yeh the ones we create.
We reciprocate, that’s right , little me’s & you’s.

Some go to college to seek out some knowledge,
Some go & dig, becoming Archaeologist.
For some if its not in a book, then it doesn’t exist no.
& for some them a wealth is everything

Big em up yeh, don’t pull them down.
Cos the best diamonds on the ground.
Big em up yeh, don’t pull them down.
Cos the best diamonds on the ground

2. Rap (Dee)
Best Diamonds are the youth of today
None academics are shoved out the way
Best diamond’s say how they feel
You ignore them like they not real

(Instrumental) length of one chorus

They do graffiti because them are restless
You condemn yeh, arresting the youth for this
Give them paint with an Artistic view.
And they will beautify the city for you.

4.(Liam Byrne Rap)
Seek & you shall find, push it to the back of your minds
Its hard for me to go up against the grind, for my diamonds, the guys for me, they doing what iv gotta do, for the likes of you & me
That’s right , the best diamond, my seed, my peeps indeed !

Oooh yeh, I hear their song,
With solid foundation we can build on.
Bring craftsmen, inspire the youth.
Because tomorrow they’ll be looking after you

Best Diamonds are your children,
What inheritance you left them ?
Disposable society, loads of anxiety,
What did we leave for our children.

Best diamonds, are the youth of today,
Non academics are shoved out the way,
Best diamonds say how they feel
You ignore them, like they not real.

Y’all want diamonds ? I got your diamonds right here
This carbon based life form, giving it to you clear
This thought process, leaves you perplexed
You lack Jah Bless, stress got you vexed
Like shots to your chest, & no Kevlar Vest
Zobec brings you back, Dr Yell’s Clear
Life back on track, packing no Gat begat no fear
The Gods got your gift, Yo watch the crowd cheer.
The crowds getting hot, what your soul don’t share
Cool those thoughts down dog, have another beer
I peak I peer, they trap, they snare,
Caught up in the headlights , you can’t go no where,
Gotta wear top liner, Fubu, Rocawear ,
The truth is no one gives a shit what you wear
This carbon base life form giving it to you clear.
You all want diamonds , iv got your diamonds right here.
Give it up, my seed , your seed , your seed
Our peeps you’ll , our kids you’ll ,Yeh Don’t dis, they won’t dis you. that’s right…

Its like a mirror, they lookin' back at you.
They trying to be you
So if you ain’t nothing ,
They gonna be nothing.
But if you strive for something, they gonna be something !
Track Name: Bushwacker
Have you seen those bushwackers
Hiding in our Midst
Working in those offices, living in small print.
Have you been distracted, don’t know where life's at.
Forgotten how to question , cos you’ve seen that.

Bushwacker ! Bushwacker ! I see you there !
Bushwacker, bushwacker, yamma everywhere.
Bushwacker, bushwacker, I see you there.
Distracting our intelligence & you are spreading your sa, sa, sa !

They bushwack themselves, as well as you & me.
Justify their actions, by saying we need it.
Sabotaging conversation with computers & T.V.
Talking to strangers whilst someone listens in !



George Orwell had it right, there are camera’s everywhere.
Never get no privacy, Using satellites up there !
What would happen if they took it all away.
No electricity, just talking face to face !



If Every time we got mad we all dropped the floor.
Passed out unconscious, instead of making war.
Leaders would have to learn to reason problems out.
No more making war or human disgrace !



Track Name: Evil ( doesn't have a colour )
He he he he he he he he

Yeh man , lets gather the people up.

World People, Earth People
Come now we must all unite yeh ( yeh man gather round now )
World people, Earth People ( do yah hear that now )
Come now we must all unite yeh ! ( yeh man gather round all of you !)

It doesn’t matter what nationality.
Or what complexion your born with. ( no excuses )
It Doesn’t matter your Religion ( & don’t start on that )
Its time to respect & live ( & a live live live live )

(get together)

We can still keep our culture. ( we got so much to share )
We can live where we’re at home.
Unite to solve our problems. .( yeh, imagine that !)
Learn from cultures not our own. (can you hear me now ?)


I would love that. ( love a love that ! )
I could dream. ( oh yes I dream yeh )
I would love that. ( yes I love )
I could dream. ( oh yes I dream )


Cos evil doesn’t have no colour. ( you know that’s true )
It doesn’t have nationality. ( can you hear that now? )
Evil doesn’t have no Religion ( You know that one )
But its in all those things ( can you hear me now yeh ? )


( & don’t forget )

I would love that. ( Yes I )
I could dream. ( Well couldn’t you dream ? )
I would love that ( yes I, I d love it )
I could dream ( yeh come on, lets bring this dream )
I could dream ( you know we could )
I could dream. ( if we really wanted too )
I could dream
Track Name: Fidel
Oh Fidel, el
But they wanna see you back again, they say.
Do they wanna see a living hell ago?
Do they really think that a flow ?

Oh Fidel, El
Do they wanna see them back again I say ?
For the one they know that the people them a care.
(But the ) leaders never hear them say.

Will they wanna know the people say hi,
I wanna know why you pass them by.
They wanna leave in boats, risking lives.
Will you wanna, see that again !
Oh Fidel el, why did they leave if it working so well?
For the one I see, they want their freedom as well.
But they wanna see them back again

Oh Fidel, oh oh oh
Do you feel that as well? Oh Fidel oh oh oh
We know your going too

If they wanna see you back again.
All of the time, they felt that too.
But they wanna say, that you loved that too.
Cool they never sail back again.
Fi the one I say
Fi thee one I need
Fi thee one I want to try to feed
Fi the one I know
Who wants some peace.
Oh you come back again.

Now all they want the people them.
They had to say again.
Will they wanna see it, going backwards again.
Will they wanna ask Castro friends.
Why did you fight for another country too.
Was it mirth of men, or dread I say.
But I wanna say that another day.
Oh fi some, you were hero then.
Fi they wanna see you back again.
Oh Fidel el, see that & come back as well

Fidel !
Track Name: Winston
Winston ! what Winston ? Do they even sell Winston cigarette any more ?
Aaaah me see them with his Lucky Strike and all them thing.
So they run from the alley, then they run to the store.

They load up the car in front of me face.
You wanna see, all the box them waste, on the floor.
Them all over the place, them a plastic bags in me face.

So I hear them, shouting.
Them a load up the box & they see them brother waiting.
But they forgot their Mother & their Father too,
Gonna go & worry, when they go out too
& them a see that the danger too.
Every kind of risk them taking too
For the money, like a honey.
It attract the Bees, it not funny.
Gotta sting , & it a ring, in the memory I do my thing.
I say oh boys yeh, be careful.
Say oh boys yeh, time fi change
Rearrange yeh

Winston get off that Jet Ski now.
Did I tell you, you could go out there on that Jet Ski ?
Look at the time ! No! its foggy out there !
What do you mean it’s the best time ?
Don’t you realize there’s are big tankers out there, that could run you down.

Will they grow up orphan ?
What? who say you didn’t do well in school ?
What ? You think you’re a fool ?
Look you can be anything you want to be.
With all thee imagination & inspiration & dedication,
That you show to your vocation of smugger ling.

Yamma know them, a yes quite a juggler
Them a looking over shoulder everyday
Seeing how them people them are looking hey

Now I'm not saying that you’ve got to do what they do !
But you can still do something, good for humanity too.
If you run from the alley & you run to the store
Thinking new ideas, like you could have done before!

So they run from the alley then they run to the store

Your intelligent !
How else could you plan all those little missions, you do out at sea? Have you no faith in yourself ?

Well they done it all before & they are living so grand
Yamma know, you must understand.

But I cry & I really can’t lie. For all those kids, that iv seen yes I
Them a fathers bury at sea. Who’s gonna comfort little he.
Don’t you get it boy, don’t you hear me boy ?
We want you alive, yeh ! Full of joy !

Now a boy of 12 on his own, with his mother with the telephone. Then a father left him alone
yeh & tell them ,
are you caring yes ? your sparing yes, yamma chatting yes,
Yamma planning that, you could run a business legit.

Are you afraid of it, mmm mm .do you have them children ?
Will they grow up orphans ?
Well I check it ever ready & I see them think
I see yeh, them a want to sing,
You might want me to sing of the things, that you knew in the past,
But that won’t last,
I gotta say, them are the facts, because you know this can’t last,
With the lies..

If you know any old smuggler,
Yamma know them, yeh, quite a juggler ,
Them a looking over shoulder, every day,
Seeing how the people, them a looking hey !
Them a paranoia what them do. with their money & then its few.
Them a check round , give it to..them a think it buy friendship too.

So they run from the alley & they ran to the store !

Whats that ?

Well they’ve done it all before & they living so grand
Yam all know, you must understand,
we can make them a whole heap a money,
& we can yeh, help our Mummy, We can give it to our children too
Give it to our Grandfather & you. But don’t you get it boy ?
Don’t you hear me boy ?
We want you alive yeh, yeh full of joy…
Track Name: Roots Rock
Roots Rock Reggae Yes I.
We got to get up, yes & party.
We got to get up, move & go.
Before the party, get to slow, oh yeh.

Rock the party, yes come dance.
We got to move, & not in no trance.
We got to get this groovy style.
Because you know we versatile.
we style, we style, we style.

I love the way that you want move.
I love the way, you come & get this groove.
I feel the mood, oh yes I say.
I love the way you people, move & sway this party.

Roots, rock reggae style yeh.
We nice it up, a funky style yeh.
We mix it up & show the people,
Yes we love the way they move & groove…

Get the fusion, get to love this.
Get illusion, there’s a solution.
We can make any world we want.
We a gonna dance & dance this style right now.

Roots rebel style ! We experiment all the while.
Catch the rhythm, can’t you see, I'm not Jamaican.
But me love this I say.


Roots, roots, we gonna jam it.
Roots, roots, of everyone.
Roots, roots, of our Rock yeh.
Roots Roots, of everywhere !

Cos you know, that everyone precious.
Every roots, yes it have a message.
Catch the rhythm, can’t you see
Im not Jamaican, but me love this I say.

Ah Yes I love it like that.
You know I like it, when the people get a groove.
I see the people, when they move.
Oh yeh, I love this tune.
I say
me check it out.
Everyday them a bring it out.
They put the tune on the decks and they can’t resist.
All the people, them a just can’t miss.
This tuuuune & me love it like this .
I looove ,the way the people ,get that groooove,
& they dance like this.
The whole room yeh it just start to mix like that, like that, like that.
Track Name: Hill Le Ley Ley
(Talkie intro)
Hill Le Ley Ley Ley
Is to standup with courage, a few against many.
In Peaceful protest, for what in our conscience we know to be right! Would you ? Could you ?

Yes I, Hill le ley ley ley…. Hill le ley ley ley.
Mmmm ze ze sometime.
Yes I, Hill le ley ley ley…. Hill le ley ley ley.
Mmmm ze ze sometime.

Blair peach he came & stood for the right.
He paid with his life.
From New Zealand in Brixton he died.
Still his memory lives on !


Mandela gave 27 years of his life, to stand for the right.
Gandhi, Bob Marley, John Lennon. They stood too.


(Talkie bridge)
On the Rock of Gibraltar,They ran from their houses.
They ran from their schools, They ran from their work places.
People even left the hospital in their wheelchairs !
They were going to stand up for their right to self-determination.

Would you ? Could you yeh? come & stand for whats right ?
Would you ? Could you yeh? come & stand for the right ?


(middle eight) instrumental.

Would you ? Could you yeh? come & stand for whats right ?
Would you ? Could you yeh? come & stand for the right ?

(chorus ) repeat x 2

(backing) mmmm ze ze , mmmm ze ze, mmmm ze ze ( repeat) some time !
Oh yeh, do you believe yeh, the righteous, Would stand for the right? Oh stand, oh stand alone yeh, oh would you?could you? Are you strong? Do you have courage ? Don’t be afraid, to stand for for rights ! ( repeat ) you don’t grow tired !

Hill le ley ley, Hill le ley ley, Hill le ley ley.
Mmmm ze ze some time !
Track Name: Rice & Peace
(Intro !)
Aren’t you fed up of all the hunger , the have & have nots ?
Yes people, we need some rice & peace.
With one love & 'nuff respect !

Wim ave a rhythm with a rice & peace
Everybody see this here world on its knees.
Now me love a little rhythm with a rice & peace.
Greedy make the hungry leave the other’s in need.
Me check this little rhythm & a plant this seed.
Wake up all your memories of when you in need.
Look at how humanity just breed & breed.
Everyday creating many more mouths to feed.
I say…

Forget all the money trouble in the banks them.
That you know is never a gonna feed them.
& you know them are never gonna.
Follow on through through through.

Now check ! Yamma see what’s coming next !
Them a people start getting vex.
Now I don’t like to say what’s…..

I d love to say but you know what I mean.
This is a truth, so let me ask if.
We make a war on terror. More terrorist we get !
Make a war on drugs. More addicts wimma a get.
Make a war on crime. More criminal we get.
Make a war on peace. Lets see what we get.
Make a war on food. Then a hunger we forget.
Make a war on common sense, it getting better yet !!


Now check. Them a people busy sending text.
Them a nah see what’s coming next.
So who’s left to fly this ship?
Somebody hungry still.


Now check. Them a people busy sending text.
Them a nah see what’s coming next.
So who’s left to fly this ship.
Somebody hungry ….

Lest we love them with a rice & peace.
Even inna London, when me go a Sydenham.
Mi run to the take away fi rice & peace them.
Nobody cook it, like Jamaican.
When me go a Milton Keynes me see me friend them.
Always make sure me a never hungry then.
When me go Gibraltar, then me belly full then.
Love it everyday when me see them play.


Now check ! By the screen them are all transfixed !
So who’s left to fly this ship ?
So many of them hungry still, still, still, still, still.
Track Name: Ancestors
I never knew I’er ancestor, I never saw them again no.
I never knew I’er ancestor, I never saw them again.

Are they in the Holy Books, or was Darwin right to look.
They said go forth & multiply,
But can our planet sustain this I. ?

2. (Rap)
In the beginning, there was Adam & Eve then.
Cain & Able they conceived, -ceived, -ceived.
Cain killed Able then, there was only three again.
So say the Holy Books, go look, look, look.


Jah put Cain out his border, oh yes me haffi warn yah.
Cane alone & scared of whats out there badder than dread,
If bandits rob & kill I, towns folks, hear I murder,
And want to punish I again, gain, gain .


(instrumental sax)


4. (rap)
Them a put me in a corner, Oh yes me haffi warn yah.
Im a gonna ask a little truth, truth, truth
Where did those people come from ?
when there was only three of them.
According to the Holy Book, look look.
Did some come on boats from afar them ?
Some conquer your ancestors.
Plant them a seed & move again, gain, gain.
Won’t push you in no corner.
Nor question Holy Law no !
With respect I say, go look, look, look.

Are they in the Holy Books, or was Darwin right to look.
Well maybe both of them were so right.
Or maybe the answer is still out of sight

( Instrumental Sax until the end )
Track Name: Mighty Rock
It’s the history, of reggae music.
It’s the history, of reggae music.
On this here rock, rock, rock, rock.
I love it.
The Mighty Rock Of Gibraltar, in the south.
South of Europe, I m there I know.

& when I see it, from the mountain inna,
Inna them a neighbour country, yes.
I see my home yeh, Oh I feel so good
When I see my Mighty Rock.

So I cruise on down the hill & I get, yeh
Its nearer still, oh yeh, I feel the pull now.
Come on Yanitos, yes, we gonna stand up & dance.
We gonna travel about & a see the world.
& them a never gonna stop us be free er.
You know we freeUp in our Spirit, everyday & I say.
We Unite, we unite with the people.
Yes our neighbours, they got some good ones as well.
Now let me check. Wim av a Leroy him a live next door.
& I would tell you, that they good to him, Oh & they party !
( Big Up D.J. Fiesta gal ) & that a good I say.

Are you ready ? In that a dis a one.
Oh Me tell you, we want a love & Inity & we won’t.
We won’t , let them, let them, let them. Divide & rule I & I.
I cry, I see them try.
But we rise up, rise up, rise up, rise up, rise up, rise up !
(Yes I Lion Rock Crew, bringing love & inity. Big Respect to them!)
Yes in inity with our music,
How can you ever come & refuse it I say !

We not the two sevens clash, Aah but it inspire yes, this song, I say.
From the market place.
Do you, hear it ringing in the past ?
You know the music, that gonna last.
& I, I see the people, them a rushing up.
They say, what is this reggae music?
They sing about the Mighty Rock. That was a shock !

They made me welcome , welcome on the Mighty Rock.
Mighty Rock of Gibraltar. With its friendly people.

Do you, feel that pull ? Love fill your heart ?
This is a feeling, that’s is gonna last.
& I & I see The Majesty a sitting there.
It say Zion On The Rock is it truly there ?
It say welcome, welcome to the mighty rock.
Yeeh wee feeel the puuull !
Track Name: War Is At Your Door
I see grey eyes staring at me
Through my T.V. screen
I can see him cry
As he asks me why, yeh
Four generations dead
Dead inside the house
Buried in the rubble
Just for what you want now.

War, war is at your door
I didn’t hear it calling
Now I feel their guns
No one left to mourn me
When I die my death
Cos I'm 84 now
And I've got nothing left

War, war is at your door
Can’t you hear it calling
Calling out for more
Blood of all our young ones
Sent to fight your cause
We can see its money
No profit left in peace

War, war is at your door
Can’t you hear it calling
Calling out to you
Why don’t you stop people
Making those weapons
I can feel them spreading
Hatred amongst us

They Don’t have no country no
Anonymous finance those in charge
We ain’t got nowhere to go

(Backing )

War, war is at your door
Can’t you hear it calling
Calling out to you


I see grey eyes staring at me
Through my T.V. screen yeh
I can see them cry
As they asked me why
Track Name: Why Did You Hurt Me?
Why did you hurt me ?
When I gave you everything I had to give.
& whoooo made you think that.
You could give such pain no matter how I cried.

Well waves have washed me over.
As you shook & beat me down.
You dug & made me hollow.
Now I feel caved in & drown.


I fed you, when you were hungry.
Sheltered you & kept you warm.
Showed you all my beauty. Thought you loved me too.



Well now I feel so barren. I find it hard to breath.
How can I give birth to life. When you just cut me down.

So why, did you hurt me.
When I gave you everything I had to give.
& whooooo made you think that.
When I die, you would stay alive…alive…alive..I am Mother Nature !